Awareness Ribbon Color Definitions

The awareness ribbon symbol was designed with the intent to promote global awareness and support positive causes. The number of colors and the various causes they represent are continually being added. We have included the most common causes associated with each color. These beads are a wonderful way for you to show support for certain causes and are often used for fundraisers and gifts.

Red Ribbon is most commonly associated with the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is also the symbol for heart disease, alcohol and drug abuse and is used by the MADD and DARE groups.

Pink Ribbon is probably the most well-known ribbon color, as it has been associated with breast cancer awareness and organizations, such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation for many years. It is also used as the symbol for birth parents and nursing mothers.

Yellow Ribbon is the symbol most associated with support for our troops. The yellow ribbon has been a symbol for this through several wars in the 20th century. Since the Vietnam War it has become a symbol for MIA/POW. Organizations for adoptive parents and suicide prevention also use this color ribbon. It can also be used as a general symbol for hope.

Burgundy Ribbon is the color used to symbolize brain aneurysm, chronic headaches, hospice care, and adults with disabilities.

Purple Ribbon is the color used for pancreatic, testicular, and thyroid cancer. It is also used by associations related to domestic violence, ADD, alzheimers, animal abuse, religious tolerance, and victims of 9/11, including the police and firefighters.

Lavender Ribbon is the color used to symbolize general cancer awareness. It is also used for epilepsy, foster care and foster parents.

Blue Ribbon is the color used by groups associated to drunk driving, child abuse prevention, victims of hurricane Katrina, free speech, and anti-tobacco causes.

Light Blue Ribbon is the color used to represent childhood cancers (pink is also used for this), prostate cancer and thyroid disease.

Green Ribbon is used by groups related to mental health, missing children, environmental concerns, tissue/organ donation and transplants, homeopathy, worker and driving safety, and Save Darfur.

Black Ribbon is the symbol used to represent mourning, gang prevention, and anti-terrorism. © Copyright GNB 2008 2016